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Holly Becker
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My name is Holly and I’m excited to bring this blog to you!

Before I tell you about my blog, let me give you some background about me. I recently lost my mom to metastatic breast cancer. She was originally diagnosed in 2011, when a lump was found in her breast. It was removed with surgery, but it returned in 2015. Not only did my mom’s breast cancer come back, it had spread to her bones and down her spine. 

My mom chose to listen to her doctors, and took a newly developed chemo pill called ibrance. For a while, this seemed to help. Scans showed the tumors in her bones were decreasing, ans she had eventually outlived her doctor’s prognosis of 20 months with treatment, despite her age. 

But eventually the cancer spread to her stomach. 

My mom was such a fighter. With the shocking advice from her doctor, she decided to begin intravenous chemo treatments. 

The last time I laughed with my mom, we were both laughing so hard, we had tears rolling down our faces. That was right before she had her first intravenous session. All the while my mom was fighting this unnecessary battle, I was digging for answers. For 2 years, while getting an AAS degree in marketing management, I was also reading countless articles on health and watching YouTube videos that gave me a complete awakening about the food and medical industry. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to convince my mom to change her diet and lifestyle choices. My mom passed away at her home not even two months after my graduation. 

I had lost my best friend, and I knew that I didn’t have to lose her that way. Which is what moved me to start this blog. 

With my behind the scenes education in consumerism, why not write a blog that can:

  • Inform people of how diet, and lifestyle can significantly affect their health, (good or bad)
  • Inform people about the food and medical industry and how they are being lied to.  
  • Help people to avoid becoming “consumers”, and take control of their own health and life. 

But having said all of this, I don’t want to base my blog on dark facts. I want to have fun with it as well! So I’m also looking forward to sharing some fun ideas with you!

Like healthy smoothies for example. I love smoothies! The reason for this is because of how easy it is to pack in so much nutrition into just one smoothie. By adding coconut oil, chia seeds, and berries, you have yourself a delicious meal on the go with healthy fats and proteins. 


Some more facts about I think you should know:

I believe in using organic products. The reason might be obvious, but using produce and other food & drink items that are not subjected to pesticides is critical for living a healthy lifestyle. 

So I of course believe in clean eating. I don’t promote consuming dairy, soy, red or white meat especially if purchased from traditional food chain stores. With that being said, I’m not vegetarian nor vegan. I do enjoy eating seafood like wild caught salmon from time to time. However, many of my recipes will be be vegetarian or vegan. 

I am gluten intolerant, so all of my recipes are gluten free! 

And coconuts. To me, coconuts are like the eighth wonder of the world! Besides being a super-food, they are useful for so many beautiful things.

I hope you enjoy this blog. If you wish to contact me to share your story, or photos of coconuts, please send me an email at holly@intoholistic.com.



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